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Porsche Wilmington

Conquest Offer: $4,500 Cash Back On Select Porsche Models

Customers currently leasing a competitive vehicle that are 90 or more days from maturity of the competitive lease are eligible to receive a "Welcome to Porsche" credit equivalent to the value of 3 payments (at a maximum of $1,500/payment) based on their existing competitive lease. Customer Account Eligibility: Customers with a currently-active competitive (non-Porsche) lease for a new vehicle (as detailed by their existing lease agreement). To be considered active, the customer must have at least three payments due as of the contract date for the eligible new Porsche model. That will be determined by the Porsche Financial Services contract date being greater than 90 days from the maturity date of the existing lease. Payoff, trade-in, or return of the existing competitive lease is not required. Offer ends 4/02/2018.

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