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Porsche Wilmington

Cosmetic Maintenance

Car Wash and Detail Services

Courtesy Car Wash:

Complimentary - Once per week (for vehicles purchased here)
Complimentary - With Service (regardless of where purchased)

  • Pre-Wash exterior and wheels
  • Machine Wash exterior
  • Hand Dry exterior with Chamois
  • Vacuum all floor mats
  • Wipe off brake dust

Deluxe Car Wash:


  • Courtesy Wash
  • Clean all interior glass
  • Vacuum trunk or cargo area
  • Wipe down interior trim and door jambs
  • Clean Wheels and apply Tire Dressing

Complete Detail:

$425 - Cars
$525 - SUVs


  • Acid Wheel Cleaner as needed
  • Hand Wash Exterior (not machine wash)
  • Clean Trunk and Tailgate jambs
  • Apply Paint Finish Enhancer
  • Apply Tire Dressing
  • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces & floormats
  • Foamy Carpet & Fabric Cleaner
  • Leather Cleaner
  • Vinyl & Leather Conditioner
  • Stain Remover & Carpet Cleaner as needed
  • Super Shot Spot Remover as needed
  • Aerosol Odor Eliminator as needed
  • Degrease engine bay
  • Low Pressure Power Wash

Detailing Clay:

Complete Detail + $250

Lubricated Detailing Clay prepairs paint for buffing and waxing by removing surface contanimants such as tree sap, tar and bug residue that doesn’t come off during normal washing.

Buffing Compound:

Complete Detail + $250

Buffing compound prepairs the clear coat for car wax by removing old wax and by polishing out imperfections such as light scratches and surface oxidation.

Cosmetic Repairs


Scraped Wheels:

  • Starting at $150.00
It can be pretty tricky to parallel park along Wilmingtons's narrow streets with tall stone curbs. Scraped wheels can spoil the good looks of your vehicle and cause people to think that you're not a very good driver. We resurface and paint scraped wheels to bring them back to showroom appearance.

Bent Wheel Repair:

  • Starting at $203.00
Wilmington's cobble stone streets and deep pot holes can take a toll on your wheels and that can lead to an uncomfortable ride or even compromised tire seating. Our technicians use a hydraulic wheel repair machine to bring bent wheels back to round and then balance the wheel to ensure a smooth, safe ride.

Paint Services:

  • $350 for Bumpers
  • $150 for Blend
  • $125 for Roof Rack
  • $80   for Mirror Cap
  • $80   for Fuel Door
  • $40   for Tow Hook Cover
Other surfaces by estimate only

Painted Calipers:

  • $125.00 per caliper

Scratch Repair

  • Starting at $75.00

Dent Removal:

  • $100 for 1" Dent or Crease ($25 each additional)
  • $150 for 2" Dent or Crease ($50 each additional)
  • $200 for 3" Dent or Crease ($100each additional)
  • Larger Damage by estimate only

Leather and Vinyl Repair:

  • Starting at $100.00

Headlamp Restoration:

  • Starting at $180.00