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The Porsche Wilmington Team

Dixon Dickens

Dixon Dickens | General Manager

Dixon brings 35 years of luxury automobile experience to Porsche Wilmington.  He lives here in Wilmington, North Carolina with his wife Kim.  Dixon is a proud father of two and enjoys avaition, boating, fishing, and college football.  Favorite Porsche?  911 speedster.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Ty Coyle

Ty Coyle | General Sales Manager

Ty has 25 years of experience in luxury automobile sales.  You'll never miss Ty, he's the one in the showroom smiling.  He lives here in Wilmington with his lovely wife, Mindy.  Ty is a proud father of 3 boys.  In his spare time he likes boating, fishing, and golf.  HIs favorite Porsche is the 911 GT2RS.  

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Joseph Wade

Joseph Wade | Sales Manager

Joseph originally from Goldsboro, North Carolina but have called Wilmington home since 2009.  He and his wife Crystal love all things salt water, especially when they can take their  black lab, Bella, along.  Joseph is proud to represent the Porsche brand and feels it is the perfect balance of performance and luxury.  

Phone: 910.777.7732 Ext. 224 • Email:

Scott Amedy

Scott Amedy | Finance Manager

Scott is originally from Milford, Ct. but has been in Wilmington since 1990.  He enjoys boating, the water, and the beach. He's been happily married for 10 years and plans to soon adopt a little Porsche.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Joey Moore

Joey Moore | Client Advisor

I was born in Wilmington in 1976, so my love for this area goes back to childhood. I have been in the automotive business for 18 years now as it is my career and something I enjoy doing on a daily basis. I love the saltwater mainly to enjoy my favorite hobby, fishing, but just being on the water with my girlfriend and chocolate lab is therapeutic and relaxing. I am excited about the opportunity to represent Porsche in the Wilmington area as it has been a long time coming!

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Tom Walsh

Tom Walsh | Client Advisor

From the northwest suburbs of Chicagoland currently residing in Leland North Carolina. I am an avid car enthusiast with ties to many of the local car groups in the Wilmington area, including Cars and Coffee, BMWCCA and now the Hurricane PCA. I have had a love for all things automotive since before I can remember. A fan of all things auto racing as well, IMSA, WEC, Pirelli World Challenge and Formula 1 to name a few. Favorite Porsche, 2012 911 GT3 RS. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Alan Shapiro

Alan Shapiro | Client Advisor

I am originally from Southern New Jersey. After college, I moved to New York City to pursue a PHD in Political Science. After achieving my masters degree, I worked on Wall Street in the institutional capacity trading and selling fixed income securities. I retired from Wall Street in 2005 and moved to Wilmington. Been here in Wilmington ever since and I love it. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Gareth Jesina

Gareth Jesina | Client Advisor

I am originally from Oak Park, Illinois. I have been in Wilmington for the past three years and love the area and all it has to offer. I love all things automotive and have had a passion for cars since I can remember. It's a dream come true for me to be representing the Porsche brand. My favorite Porsche model would have to be a 2004 Carrera GT. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Steve Schum

Steve Schum | Client Advisor

I am certifiably a car nut, I have owned over 400 vehicles in my short life ( 58 ) ! Two of my favorite cars I have had the pleasure of owning was the very first Boxster here in Wilmington ! I loved that car ,and all the attention it drew everywhere I brought it ! Another of my very favorites was a 2013 Cayenne GTS red in color with beige leather and suede interior !!! After leaving the clothing business after 30 years ,and traveling the country I decided to stay home, play golf, boat and lead the life of leisure. Retirement wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and I truly found the job I was born for. Being able to represent and sell Porsches one of the finest manufactures, and work for one of the finest dealers in the automotive field.

Phone: 917.777.7732 • Email:

Patrick Willyard

Patrick Willyard | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

I am from Charlotte, North Carolina but I have been in Wilmington for 9 years. I love to travel! My favorite place to go is Jacksonhole, Wyoming, where I spend my time skiing. I'm a big fan of German engineering and the Porsche brand. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Alesia Jefferson

Alesia Jefferson | Receptionist

I'm from Winston Salem and have been in Wilmington since 1993.  After graduating from NCSU I moved to Charleston SC where I married my college sweetheart and had my first child.  Frank and I have been blessed with 3 great kids who are now just about grown and out of the house.  I have been in this position for 6 years and have enjoyed every minute of my customer service job.  Working with the public has always been a passion of mine, so working with Porsche customers is a great fit.  I'm proud to say I work for Porsche and look forward to our successful future.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Bobbie Goodson

Bobbie Goodson | Receptionist

I am from Raleigh but I have had a second home here since 1997. I retired from a sales consultant position at AT&T advertising and publishing in 2012 and moved permanently to the Wilmington area. Having worked with various types of customers over the years at AT&T, I found that I missed the interaction with people on a daily basis and decided to get back into the work force on a part time basis. I have been here since September of 2014 and I have loved every minute of it. I am excited to be part of the Porsche family.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Kylie Hillyer

Kylie Hillyer | Brand Ambassador

Moved to the historic downtown in 2015 after an upbringing in a small farm town in northeastern Ohio. That move definitely changed my life for the good! After a few months of exploring, my all time favorite thing to do, I had to start working again. I knew I found my second home the moment I walked out of Mr. Wade's office the day of my interview. I have the opportunity to share with clients all the amazing things their new vehicle can do. It is such an exciting time that everyday here I'm guaranteed to see smiles. The vehicles are surely gorgeous, but seeing the smiles they bring has to be my favorite part.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Hannah Yamane

Hannah Yamane | Reception

I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I'm currently studying communications at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I own a standard poodle named Bentley and the next dog I'm getting, I'm naming Porsche. My dream car has always been and always will be a Porsche Cayenne. 

Phone: 910.777.7732

Brett Lee

Brett Lee | Service Manager

I've been a car nut since I was 4 years old. I have busted many knuckles working on cars.  I am excited to be working with such a wonderful brand with a great heritage in racing. I look forward to swapping stories with all my fellow gearheads! My favorite Porsche is the 918 Spyder.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Conrad Payne | Shop Foreman

I am a life long NC resident, originally born in Asheville, and have lived in Wilmington for just over 23 years. Hobbies include a multitude of artistic endeavors as well as deep fascination with older technologies and how we got to the modern world. I was born the same year as the 911 and have many older examples of older Porsche memorabilia amongst my collections.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Andy Coons

Andy Coons | Gold Meister Porsche Technician

I am from Anapolis, Maryland and just recently moved to Wilmington. I've been with the Porsche brand for over a decade and have been working on German vehicles for over 20 years. I enjoy skateboarding, snowboarding, and sports car racing. I worked the 1998 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race for the number 30 Momo Ferrari 333sp who were the overall winners of the race. Porsches caught my eye at a young age and they are something I've never been able to get out of my mind. 

Phone: 410.382.2513 • Email:

Scott Owens

Scott Owens | Technician

Phone: 910.777.7732

Justin Smetana

Justin Smetana | Technician

Phone: 910.777.7732

Ted Reighard

Ted Reighard | Transport Driver

Phone: 910.777.7732

Mike Turman

Mike Turman | Parts Manager

I am from Charlotte, North Carolina but I've lived in Wilmington for 8 years. I enjoy spending time with family, my beautiful daughter and grandson. I purchased my first car when I was 13 years old and have owned over 70 in my life time so far. In my spare time I enjoy doing light restorations on older automobiles. I have had a passion for Porsches for quite some time, with the 911 convertible being my favorite. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Lenny Auld

Lenny Auld | Assistant Parts Manager

I am from Upstate New York but I have been in Wilmington for almost 6 years now. I like to watch sports, go to the beach, and play with my two children.I have a wire-haired dachshund named Murphy. I love Porsches because they have such a rich heritage. The Panamera is my absolute favorite. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Fred Norman

Fred Norman | Parts Consultant

I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina but I've lived in Wilmington for 13 years. I enjoy playing video games and running triathlons. I am a prior united states air force combat rescue officer. I enjoy premium sports cars, Porsches give me a chance to be involved with something that I have always aspired to own. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Brad Hatcher

Brad Hatcher | Parts Consultant

I'm from Chinquapin, North Carolina but I've lived in Wilmington for 5 years. I like to mountain bike and kayak in my free time. I enjoy spending time with my 4 beautiful children. I'm happy to represent the Porsche car line. 

Phone: 910.777.7732

Jimmy Southerland | Collision Center Manager

I am from Wilmington, North Carolina. I love coaching my grandsons' sports, music, and golf. I've been in the collision insurance business for over 30 years. I love that Porsches are so unique and I look forward to learning more about them.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Scott Belangia

Scott Belangia | Collision Center Tech

I was born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. I have a 1,100 gallon fish tank. I go jet skiing on the weekends and work on cars on the weekdays. My favorite Porsche is the GT3.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Justin Miller | Collision Center Tech

I am from Mebane, North Carolina but I have been in Wilmington for 5 years. I enjoy spending my time going to church and working on cars. My favorite Porsche GT3.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Charles Bryant

Charles Bryant | Collision Center

Phone: 910.777.7732

Bryce Capps

Bryce Capps | SPA Detailer

I am from Chapel Hill, North Carolina but I have been in Wilmington for 14 years. I am a huge sports fan with college basketball being my favorite, go heels! My favorite Porsche is the Carrera GT.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Vincent Hughes

Vincent Hughes | SPA Detailer

I am from Durham, North Carolina but I have been in Wilmington for 4 years. I love to fish and take trips to the beach. I have a cat named Lilly and dachshund named Todo. I aspire to one day own a Porsche 911.

Phone: 910.777.7732

Chris Skarvelis

Chris Skarvelis | SPA Detailer

I am from Huntington, Indiana but I have been in Wilmington for 15 years. I like to grill out, travel, and play video games. I've been married to my beautiful wife, Krystal, for 13 wonderful years. I am so excited to see Porsche come to Wilmington. 

Phone: 910.777.7732

Pam Springer

Pam Springer | HR Manager

Pam has worked at the dealership for 28 years.  She has a husband and an adult son.  On her free time she likes to enjoy some time on the boat with family.  Pam admires the Porsche brand and hopes to see her son driving one soon after college. 

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Leon Brown

Leon Brown | Warranty Administrator

I am originally from Clinton, Ct., and have been in Wilmington since 2004. I enjoy the beach and playing softball. I am new to the Porsche brand, and have a growing admiration for the brand.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Tricia Davis

Tricia Davis | Office Manager

I am from Asheville, NC but I have lived in Wilmington for most of my life. I love to spend time with my family on the water and work out. If I could drive one of the Porsches, I would choose the 911 because it is my husband's dream car.

Phone: 910.777.7732 • Email:

Dave Pierce

Dave Pierce | Lot Porter/Coordinator

I have lived in Wilmington my whole life. I am a World War II enthusiast and I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife of 7 years.

Phone: 910.777.7732